The Court of Assistants

The Court of Assistants (or ‘Court’ as it is usually known) is established by Royal Charter to assist the Master and Wardens (the Officers) in running the affairs of the Company.  The role of the Court is to determine the Company’s Mission, Supporting Objectives and other policies and is the ultimate authority for any Company issue.  It will delegate the identification of Company Tasks and the detailed running of the Company’s affairs to subordinate committees.

The Officers are elected at Common Hall (essentially the AGM of the Company) in June each year, in a vote conducted in accordance with the Company’s Standing Orders and Executive Rules.

Volunteers sit on committees such as Finance, Craft & Training, Communications, Membership Development, Fundraising and Social Committees.  All committees report to the Court. There are also two independent charities the Trustees of which are members of the Company.

Master: Alderman Alastair King DL

Founder of the Naisbitt King Group, a fund management house, headquartered in the City of London. Alastair originally qualified as a solicitor and practiced with Baker & McKenzie in London and in Asia. He moved into venture capital/private equity with NewMedia Spark (now Spark Venture Management) and then, with a small investor group, took control of Galahad Capital PLC where he was Managing Director. He then founded Glendevon King Limited, a fund management company, and Eredene Capital PLC, an AIM-quoted investment company specialising in Indian Infrastructure projects prior to starting Naisbitt King Group. Alastair also has an MSc in Finance from London Business School. He has represented his home Ward of Queenhithe in the City of London first as a member of Common Council then as Alderman, continuously since 1999.

Among his charitable involvements, he is Vice Chairman of Breast Cancer Haven.

His interests are boxing and mountain climbing.  Alastair was also Aldermanic Sheriff for the year 2022-23.

Upper Warden: Peter Blincow

Peter Blincow holds separate honours degrees in Law and History of Art, a Master’s Degree in Construction Management and a number of other Diplomas and Certificates by examination.  He was also a member of a number of Professional Bodies by examination, including being Fellows of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.  In addition, he was published as a Barrister and is a member of The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn.  He trained at two international Surveying Practices.  Upon leaving the second firm, Peter commenced practicing, as a Chartered Surveyor, on his own account on 1 October 1988 and that continued through to 31 October 2019.  He never practiced at the Bar as a Barrister, but became involved in Alternative Dispute Resolution within the Construction Industry.

Peter has been a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors for the whole of his career.  He was involved with the Young Surveyors rising to be Treasurer of the Junior Organisation – some 33,000 Members under the age of 33.  In due course, he became Honorary Secretary of Central London Branch of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (6,500 Members) – a post he held for 5 years.  A work commitment prevented him becoming Chairman of the Branch.  The intervening commitment was an Appointment to resolve two difficult Trade Packages for the construction of the Extension to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.  That commitment continued for 2 years because one Trade Package became a complex dispute which resulted in an Arbitration.

The Extension to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre hosted the Handover Ceremony of the Colony of Hong Kong at midnight on 1 July 1997.  That Ceremony formally transferred authority for the Colony from the United Kingdom to the People’s Republic of China.

In the very early 1990s Peter became a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors having been granted the Freedom of the City of London.  Subsequently, he joined the Worshipful Company of Masons in 2013.

Peter’s interests include paintings, architecture, reading, wine, cooking, fishing, shooting and skiing.

Peter lives in Central London.

Renter Warden: Matthew Hampson

His career spans 30 years in financial services technology at major Investment banking firms including Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan and Royal Bank of Scotland. Over his career he has worked in infrastructure, software development and organisational leadership before his current role in digital leadership. As the Chief Digital Officer at Nomura he leads a team of 180 staff globally who develop electronic trading platforms for Fixed Income and FX and develop pricing models for financial products.

With his digital team, Matthew works on exploratory work around AI, data and analytics and blockchain technology looking for solutions that create value in finance.

His experience spans all asset classes and divisions of Wholesale banking, and extends from front office trading systems to back-end settlement and financial accounting platforms. He is best known in the industry as one of the early pioneers in electronic trading systems, in the mid-90s he led the development of the very first market making and automated trading platforms and was a key participant in the electronification of global stock exchanges.

He holds a Batchelor of engineering degree with honours, is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Liveryman of the City of London Information Technologists Company, a Governor of a major independent school and a participant in a number of senior Industry forums. He is married with three children.

Matthew was a candidate for the Corporation of London Common Council in 2017 in Dowgate ward, and he still maintains a strong interest and involvement in City politics.

His personal hobbies include motor racing as a participant driving across the UK and Europe, shooting and amateur astronomy.




Year Firstname Surname
1620 James Gilder
1621 John Dowse
1622 Henry Parkins
1623 William Warde
1624 Richard Middleton
1625 Thomas Turpin
1626 William Wilson
1627 Thomas Jordan
1628 John Hince
1629 Gilbert Arnold
1630 Richard Midlleton
1631 Richard Midlleton
1632 Richard Chilton
1633 Nicholas Stone
1634 Nicholas Stone
1635 Edmund Kinsman
1636 Thomas Priestman
1637 Francis French
1638 Hugh Jones
1639 John Gardiner
1640 William Smith
1641 John Shuttleworth
1642 Richard Llewellyn
1643 Thomas Moore
1644 William Dorbar
1645 Thomas Stanley
1646 John Young
1647 Richard Bancks
1648 John Collis
1649 Henry Wilson
1650 Edward Marshall
1651 Thomas Richardson
1652 Richard Mildmay
1653 Humfrey Moyer
1654 Roger Lewes
1655 Henry Wilson
1656 Thomas Jordaine
1657 John Younge
1658 Benjamin Richardson
1659 John Parker
1660 Thomas Stanton
1661 Thomas Moore
1662 Richard Herenden
1663 Clement Cole
1664 Thomas Shorthose
1665 Stephen Switzer
1666 George Dowswell
1667 John Shuttleworth
1668 Thomas Shadbolt
1669 Henry Banckes
1670 Joshua Marshall
1671 James Bryan
1672 James Masters
1673 Thomas Cartwright
1674 Richard Cooke
1675 Thomas Place
1676 Thomas Berrowe
1677 Mr. Marshall
1678 Mr. Bumpsted
1679 Mr. Noble
1680 Abraham Storey
1681 Thomas Wise
1682 Nicholas Young
1683 Henry Wilson
1684 Abraham Storey
1685 Abraham Storey
1686 John Shorthose
1687 John Martin
1688 William Stanton
1689 William Stanton
1690 John Thompson
1691 Christopher Kempster
1692 Edward Mitchell
1693 William Stanborough
1694 Thomas Cartwright d1702 aged 85
1695 John Young
1696 Edward Strong
1697 John Clarke
1698 Thomas Wise
1699 Thomas Hill
1700 Christopher Kempster
1701 Ephraim Beacham
1702 Thomas Craven
1703 William Wise
1704 William Collins
1705 William Kempster
1706 John Walker
1707 William Collins
1708 William Woodman
1709 Thomas Stainer
1710 Thomas Cartwright II (Son)
1711 James Hardy
1712 Richard Garbutt
1713 Richard Crutcher
1714 Thomas Slemaker
1715 James Padget
1716 Edward Buckingham
1717 William Holland
1718 Edward Strong Jr
1719 Capt. Edward Stanton
1720 Barth. Woolfe
1721 Capt Thomas Cartwright
1722 Charles Gardiner
1723 John Gilbert
1724 John Cooper
1725 Christopher Cass
1726 Capt. Samuel Saunders
1727 Thomas Dunn
1728 Robert Kidwell
1729 Richard Lissiman Jr
1730 Joshua Channing
1731 John Stanley
1732 James Watts
1733 Robert Taylor
1734 Christopher Horsenaile
1735 Thomas Iden
1736 Martin Wardell
1737 Oliver Kidwell
1738 Edward Townsend
1739 Samuel Warrall
1740 Richard Charlton
1741 Walter Lee
1742 Andrew Jelf
1743 David Shrimpton
1744 James Crofts
1745 Thomas Scott
1746 Thomas Bull
1747 Richard Bowles
1748 Joshua Fletcher
1749 Edward Anderson
1750 James Wardell
1751 John Bell
1752 Benjamin Hunt
1753 Walter Lee
1754 Charles Easton
1755 Alexander Rouchead
1756 Charles Clavey
1757 John David
  Mr. Deputy Horsenaile
1758 William Walker
1759 William Dellar
1760 John Davall
1761 Samuel Gainsborough
1762 Joseph Renleside
1763 George Mercer
1764 William Richards
1765 Samuel Steemson
1766 William Annis
1767 Moses Wayte
1768 John Dueffell
1769 Ralph Hotchkin
1770 Henry Gregory
1771 Thomas Stevens
1772 James Wardell
1773 Thomas Gayfere
1774 John Scott
1775 John Dixon
1776 John Rawlinson
1777 William Gates
1778 John Richards
1779 Richard Tunks
1780 John Wynne
1781 Thomas Beard
1782 Richard Buddle
1783 Thomas Burnell
1784 John Devall
1785 Richard Jones
1786 William Bailey
1787 Mr. Harper
1788 John Walter
1789 Thomas Green
1790 George Gwilt
1791 John Hinchcliff
1792 Thomas Waller
1793 George Prince
1794 George Prince
1795 George Scott
1796 Henry Scrimshaw
1797 Andrew Nicoll
1798 John Prince
1799 Henry Gregory
1800 James Perry
1801 John Dueffell
1802 Thomas Swithin
1803 George Whitlock
1804 Thomas Burnell Jn
1805 Samuel Ireland
1806 Thomas Wood
1807 John Green
1808 Peter Holloway
1809 Benjamin Marshall
1810 John Codogan
1811 John Richards
1812 John Malcott
1813 Thomas Piper
1814 Joseph Meymott
1815 Henry Burnell
1816 William Cadogan
1817 Thomas Grundy
1818 William Henshall
1819 William Dixon
1820 Martin Stukely
1821 John Moginie

1822 – Present

Year Firstname Surname
1822 Robert Shout
1823 Geroge (sic) Parminter
1824 Richard Heale
1825 John Rowden
1826 William Storey
1827 John Paulin
1828 John Harkness
1829 William Freeman
1830 Thomas Burnell
1831 John Richards
1832 John Malcott
1833 Thomas Piper
1834 Henry Burnell
1835 George Gwilt
1836 William Cadogan
1837 John Moginie
1838 John Rowden
1839 William Storey
1840 James Richards
1841 Thomas Piper Jn
1842 Martin Stukely
1843 Philip Flood Page
1844 John Meriscoe Pearse
1845 Thomas Burnell
1846 George Gwilt
1847 John Richards
1848 Henry Nicholson
1849 William Piper
1850 Alfred Gwilt
1851 William Freeman
1852 Thomas Piper
1853 Henry Burnell
1854 George Gwilt
1855 John C. Storey
1856 Henry Nicholson
1857 John Pearse
1858 Phillip Page
1859 Henry Burnell
1860 William (resigned) Piper
  Henry Burnell
1861 Joseph Freeman
1862 Edward Bull
1863 George Wales
1864 Geo. Burnell
1865 John Freeman
1866 Henry Robertson
1867 Wilson Piper
1868 William Piper
1869 Alfred Gwilt
1870 Henry Burnell
1871 Edward Bull
1872 George Wales
1873 John Freeman
1874 Henry Robertson
1875 Sir Hawkshaw
1876 John Greenwood
1877 Edward Condor
1878 William Piper
1879 Alfred Gwilt
1880 Henry Burnell
1881 Arthur Baker
1882 The Hon. Gerald Talbot
1883 John Hunter
1884 Henry Sarson
1885 Russel Freeman
1886 John Greenwood Jr
1887 Edward Bayley
1888 Edward Cozens-Smith
1889 John Cox
1890 Henry James
1891 Thomas Wigglesworth
1892 E.S. Stidolph
1893 L.J. L.J. Williams
1894 Edward Conder Jr
1895 Henry Sarson
1896 Fredrick Shadbolt
1897 Dr. Edwin Freshfield
1898 Frederick Cox
1899 Thomas Peet
1900 Herbert Moore
1901 Henry Theobald
1902 George Pocock
1903 William Clarke
1904 Percy Peet
1905 Alfred Dodson
1906 Arthur Donne
1907 Frederick Dray
1908 William Harry Rylands
1909 Sir Frederick Alliston
1910 Alfred Lister Blow
1911 F.T. Shadbolt
1912 G. Pocock
1913 A.S. Dodson
1914 A.W. Donne
1915 A.W. Donne
1916 George Henry Judd JP
1917 Frederick Dray
1918 Frederick Dray
1919 Robert Hunter
1920 Sidney Young
1921 John Francis Greenwood
1922 Robert Hunter
1923 Thomas Deighton
1924 Henry Grover
1925 Frederick Dray
1926 Alfred Page
1927 William Pumfrey
1928 George Emmerson
1929 Alfred Whealler
1930 John Kipling
1931 George Emmerson
1932 Willougby Bullock
1933 Edward Richardson
1934 William Thomas Osborne
1935 A. Page
1936 Alderman Sir Harry Twyford
1937 Sir Herbert Morgan
1938 George Reynolds
1939 John Theobald
1940 John Theobald
1941 Richard Wyatt
1942 Charles Pearcey
1943 John Byram
1944 Henry Sarson
1945 Arthur Bennion
1946 George Ridley
1947 Stanley Phillips
1948 Charles Shill
1949 Henry Watlling OBE JP
1950 Claud Dennis JP CC
1951 Evan Rees
1952 Charles Emmerson
1953 William Woellwarth
1954 Hugh Clowes
1955 Henry Bell
1956 Andrew Woodman CC
1957 Vincent Richardson
1958 William Parsons
1959 Hubert Dennis MC CC
1960 Frederick Friday
1961 Henry Hubble
1962 Aubrey Christlieb
1963 Gordon Coates
1964 Sir Graham Rowlandson MBE JP CC
1965 Sidney Loweth
1966 Leslie Gale MC
1967 Spencer Rodgers
1968 Sir John Rodgers Bart
1969 Frank Webster
1970 Robert Mansell
1971 Alan Phillpotts
1972 Cyril Thatcher
1973 Clifford Culpin OBE
1974 Howard Lobb CBE
1975 Rupert Wood MVO
1976 John Bentley
1977 Richard McCarthy
1978 Howard Greenacre
1979 Anthony Woellwarth
1980 Robert Nott TD DL
1981 Thomas Hollister
1982 Alwyn Waters CBE GM
1983 Gordon Tait
1984 Colin Jeffries MBE
1985 Harry Turner
1986 Rex Wisby
1987 Colin Jeffries MBE
1988 Robert Woodward
1989 Richard Rowlandson OBE
1990 Charles Woodward
1991 Graham Gale
1992 John Bysouth
1993 Robert Waters
1994 Sydney Mason
1995 Ralph French OBE
1996 Barry Woodman
1997 Patrick Copland
1998 Neil Barnes
1999 Basil Rushton
2000 David Ruffle
2001 Thomas Ackland
2002 Peter Johnson
2003 Gavin Tait
2004 Michael Peachey
2005 John Wilson
2006 David Beattie CMG
2007 Gerald Everett
2008 Derek Mottershead
2009 Adrian Sarson
2010 Richard Woodman-Bailey
2011 Derek Sayer JP
2012 David Blake JP
2013 John Burton MBE
2014 Robert Morrow
2015 William Gloyn
2016 Nicholas Payne TD
2017 Peter Clark
2018 Andrew Bowles
2019 Christopher Radmore
2020 Christine Rigden
2021 Martin Low
2022 Alistair Wood LVO MBE



Year of Appointment Firstname Surname
1620 Thomas Paskins
1625 Edmond Robarts
1638 Edmond Hamlet
1639 John Pickering
1660 William Broome
1671 William Broome Jr
1677 William Hammond
1678 Samuel Draper
1681 Thomas Stampe
1695 Laurence Purchase
1708 David Le Gros
1720 Miles Mann
1738 Edward Grose
1741 Richard Newton
1770 Joseph Newton
1796 John Aldridge
1839 Frederick Gwatkin
1872 John Hunter
1881 Arthur Gwatkin
1886 Robert L Hunter
1913 Robert C Hunter
1920 Hugh Clowes DSO
1947 Alan Phillpotts
1969 John Maddocks
1986 Thomas Bishop
1987 Thomas Ackland
1999 Peter Clark
2009 Heather Rowell
2013 Peter Clark
2014 Giles Clapp