"Notes & Queries" - a Somerset/Dorset magazine  

From The Office of The Upper Warden:


The Upper Warden (William Gloyn FRICS) comments that the recent development of the Company Register is a step towards creating a reference point for the future of Masons` Marks, thereby avoiding the continuation of the histroic lack of records linking Masons to thier Marks.

Readers will note we have been given permission by the publishers to include an article on the website that originally appeared in "Notes & Queries" - a Somerset/Dorset magazine of historic interest - in September 2014.

I am obliged to Peter Hill, the author, for his co-operation.

The interest of the article is the inherent message that a large number of masons' marks can be found but with no background as to whom they belonged. How much more could have been gained by Peter in his research if more about the masons had been known?

That is quite tragic and will, in time, be avoided by the development of our Register.

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