Electing the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs  

The elections of the Lord Mayor, and of the Sheriffs and other Officers are held in Common Hall, summoned by the Lord Mayor.  Formal notice is given to the Masters and Wardens of the Livery Companies to give notice to their Liverymen to attend in Common Hall at Guildhall.  A serving Alderman, the Lord Mayor of the City of London is elected in September on Michaelmas Day [or the next Weekday], each year.


The Lord Mayor is formally admitted to office on a Friday in early November at the Silent Ceremony.  After a short declaration by the outgoing Lord Mayor, the formal proceedings are carried out in silence, and the outgoing Lord Mayor hands the insignia of the City to his successor.  The Lord Mayor’s Show takes place on the following day, when the new Lord Mayor traditionally shows himself to the citizens of the City of London.


The Sheriffs and other Officers [the Bridge Masters, Auditors and Ale Conners] are elected in Common Hall at Guildhall on Midsummer’s Day.  Two Sheriffs are usually elected , one of whom is a serving Alderman.  Liverymen form the electorate, and voting is by a show of hands.  If a poll is demanded, that is held a fortnight later.