Supporting The City  

The Livery Companies and the City of London have grown up together, developing and adapting over the centuries to help sustain London’s pre-eminence as a financial and business centre. They share many goals and objectives and work closely together on issues of City Importance.

The election of Sheriffs and other officers is the prerogative of the Livery alone and the election of the Lord Mayor of London is a shared responsibility between the Livery and the Aldermen of the City of London. Livery Companies are the source of, and take a prominent part in, many of the great ceremonial occasions adding colour and richness to the City’s heritage. To view the web site of the Lord Mayor click here.

Over the years a number of our Liverymen have been elected as members of Common Council which has given the Livery a better insight to the work of the Councilmen and the City of London as a whole.

The Masons’ Company supports the work of the Corporation and in particular the Lord Mayor of London to ensure the continuing success of the City in all that it does. This is very much a partnership because the Lord Mayor, the Sheriffs and the City of London are great supporters of the Livery movement.

The involvement of such a diverse group of trades, crafts and professions in all aspects of the work of the City is part of its inherent success and vibrancy. The important role still held by Livery Companies in maintaining standards and supporting education and welfare, means that they will continue to have a central position in the life of the City of London and the nation. In 2010 the Livery Companies gave over £41 million to charitable causes to see the details of this philanthropy click here for the Livery Profile.