Important Dates  

1176 First London Bridge in stone
1240 Tower of London repaired by London Masons
1463 First Masons' Hall
1481 Grant of right to wear livery (Edward IV)
1673 Temple Bar erected by Master Masons, Edward and Joshua Marshall.
1677 Thomas Strong laid the first stone of St. Paul's Cathedral
1708 Edward Strong laid the last stone on the lantern of St. Paul's Cathedral.
1915 Sir Charles Wakefield (Renter Warden) - Lord Mayor
1937 Sir Harry Twyford (Liveryman) - Lord Mayor
1986 First Stone Awards presented by HRH The Duke of Gloucester Liveryman) and subsequently every four years
1989 Stone Bench presented to the Corporation of London (800th year of Mayoralty)
1990 Association with Corps of Royal Engineers
1998 Albert Memorial Restoration (jointly with others)
2000 Unveiling of Tablet of The Surveyors to the Fabric of St. Paul’s Cathedral
2004 Resiting of Temple Bar in Paternoster Square (jointly with others)
2007 Establishment of Duke of Gloucester Awards