Our Court & Officials  

The Court controls the activities of the Masons’ Company under the guidance of a Master, Upper Warden and Renter Warden (The Officers).  Other members of the Court include several Past Masters plus Court Assistants who have not passed the chair. 

We have a number of committees covering Finance, Craft & Training, Awards, Communications, Membership, Development Fundraising and Sponsorship and Social matters all of which report to the Court. We also run two independent charities the trustees of which are members of the Company.

The Master and Wardens are elected annually in June.

Officers for 2016-17

Nick Payne TD Peter Clark Andrew Bowles
Master Upper Warden Renter Warden

                                 Photographs by Michael O'Sullivan.

The full range of photos taken at Common Hall on 14th June 2016 can be seen by clicking on icon below (opens in new window) then selecting "Livery Companies" from the list (quite easy)

Master Nicolas Payne TD - Bio/CV

Wife's Name - Mrs Melian Payne

Nick Payne was conventionally educated at Lincoln College, Oxford and, from 1968, serving his Articles to become a Chartered Accountant with the then Price Waterhouse & Co in Frederick’s Place off Old Jewry in the City.

His first job was on an audit involving fruit juices and having apparently gained  a label in ‘liquids’, a title to which he offered only token resistance, was soon promoted to breweries.  Wooden barrels were then the standard containers in breweries, the contents of which somehow seemed to require frequent verification.

Endeavouring to view the world beyond the keg, Nick moved outside the profession, undertaking senior finance roles with EMI music and subsequently its international multimedia arm.  Unusual incidents included responding to the accidental release of Pink Floyd’s large inflatable pink pig from its mooring at Battersea Power Station into the approach lanes to Heathrow Airport.  However, his attempts to dress and behave like music and media personalities, established beyond doubt that a fashion career should be avoided.  Nick thereupon moved on to hospitality retailing and to mergers and acquisitions within Grand Metropolitan plc, now Diageo plc, and renewing his earlier contact with drink.

Changing the flavours, he was appointed CEO of a European chemicals division of Laporte plc, leading it into an MBO, following which he chaired and mentored several start up and embryonic businesses.

Nick’s outside interests initially included making loud noises as a TA artilleryman for 18 years.  These experiences were followed by more sedate interests in cooking, looking after grandchildren (where loud noises once more pervade) and indulging ‘an ill-timed sense of humour’, in defiance of an early school report.

Officials of the Company

The overall running of the Company is the responsibility of the Clerk.  This he achieves with the assistance of the Administrator in the office and the Beadle at formal Company functions.



Giles Clapp Jacqui Petrie Ted Prior
Clerk Administrator Beadle & Toastmaster