The Social Committee supports the Masters with the arrangements for the social calendar, for the events they select for their year of office. These events exclude those that form part of the company’s official events, which form part of the Companies Clerk duties. Official events include such as the Banquet at Mansion House or Carol Service, although the Fellowship Committee supports the Clerk with stewarding these events as required. For guidance on the Master's Banquet and Livery Dinner see the Etiquette page.


The formal work of the committee commences when the future anticipated Master is elected Upper Warden. From that point in time the new Upper Warden attends the Social Committee’s meetings during which the social programme for their year as Master is planned with calendar dates firmed up. Each member of the Social Committee usually offers to take charge of one specific event and supports the future Master with the detailed organisation of that event. The committee members liaise with the various parties involved including booking the venues, refreshments, tours, speakers etc. to ensure the smooth running of each event such that the Master, members and guests all have a thoroughly enjoyable time on the day.


Towards the end of the Upper Warden’s year the details are all agreed and included in the calendar for their year as Master which is passed to the clerk for incorporating into the official diary of events for their ensuing year. This is issued at their installation in June to all members.


During the Masters Year the finer details of each event is attended too and agreed with the Master and parties involved prior to formal invitation being issued to members.