Contact Form 2018 for Yeoman Masons  

The Worshipful Company of Masons

Contact Form 2018 for Yeoman Masons

The Worshipful Company of Masons has now admitted over 100 Yeoman Masons and some have since become a Freeman in the Company. We have 20 women who became Yeoman Masons and want more women to join the Company either as Yeoman Masons, Freemen or Liverymen.

We are trying to engage with our Yeoman Masons and offer them events to help them including some to assist with their Continuous Professional Development (CPD).  We rely upon good contact details.

The 2018 Contact Form is also available on the Company’s website HERE

We hope that every Yeoman Mason has registered their Mason’s Mark.

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The following link takes you to a webpage giving instructions on how to register your mark HERE:


Salisbury Cathedral

The Dean of Salisbury with stonemasons Andrew Kirby and Carol Merryman. Photo by Ash Mills photography

Two stonemasons from Salisbury Cathedral, Andrew Kirby and Carol Merryman, have been admitted into The Worshipful Company of Masons as Yeoman Masons.

A special evensong honoured this and the skills and dedication of all the stonemasons, conservators, glaziers and their fellow artisans in the Cathedral’s Works Department.

Chris Sampson, Acting Clerk of Works, said “Andrew and Carol are both qualified and experts in Cathedral stonemasonry and it is a great honour for them to have been admitted as Yeoman Masons. We are also particularly delighted that the Worshipful Company of Masons have pledged further support for a new apprentice stone mason at Salisbury Cathedral who will be recruited soon.”

Salisbury Cathedral employs 9 stonemasons and they all work on the Cathedral’s Major Repair Programme restoring and preserving this built heritage for the future.

Stonemason joins ancient livery company

A Sailsbury Cathedral stonemason is among the first group of stonemasons to be invited to join an ancient livery company.

Alan Spittle, who won the Improver Mason category in 2010 prestigious Duke of Gloucester Awards, has been invited to join The Worshipful Company of Masons as a Yeoman Mason.

Wincester Cathedral

Pourang Tajally and Duke of Gloucester

Pourang Tajally receives his award from the Duke of Gloucester

We (Wincester Cathedral) are delighted to announce that one of our stonemasons, Pourang Tajally, has been given the prestigious Duke of Gloucester Award by the Worshipful Company of Masons. The award, as described by the Company, is ‘to encourage high standards in all aspects of stonemasonry’. The judge noted that “He was a most accomplished stonemason with a great enthusiasm for historical research on the fabric of the building. His knowledge of stone is extensive and the practical application of his skill is exemplary.”

Pourang has been a stonemason at Winchester Cathedral since 2006. He joined on a three-year apprenticeship programme and after graduating in 2009 became a fully qualified member of the team. Pourang has continued his training and has recently completed, with Merit, a two-year Foundation Degree course in Stonemasonry with the University of Gloucestershire.

Winner Pourang Tajally is now a new Yeomen of the Masons Company and received his membership certificate at the same time as the Duke of Gloucester Award. We congratulate Pourang on this great achievement and thank him for his contribution to us here at Winchester Cathedral.

We would also like to celebrate another of our stonemasons, Will Davies, a Yeoman of the Masons Company, who received his membership certificate alongside Pourang.

Stonemasons Pourang Tajally and Will Davies with their Yeoman certificates

Stonemasons Pourang Tajally and Will Davies with their Yeoman certificates