Becoming a Member & Application Form  

Questions to you?

  • Have you been a guest at a Masons Livery Company function?

  • Are you interested in the ancient history and traditions of the City of London?

  • Do you believe in the need to support specialist trades such as stone masonry, to protect our wonderful and beautiful buildings heritage?

  • Are you prepared to support, in some way, the Masons Company charities which provide financial assistance to many trainee stone masons through College whilst achieving their necessary qualifications?

An answer in the positive to all the above questions is a good reason to be a member of the Company.

The first thing to explain is that there are different entry requirements for the three classifications of membership. Both men and women are welcome.

Freemen of the Company must have reached 21 years of age, and may enter through one of the three categories:

  • Patrimony (your father was a member before you were born);

  • Servitude (you have been apprenticed to, or are a stone mason, having attained necessary level of qualification);

  • Redemption (you are of suitable character, and have been proposed by qualifying members of the Court/Liverymen)

Liverymen of the Company must have reached 21 years of age, and must be a Freeman of The City of London. They must also be a Freeman of the Company (as described above)

There are a few exceptions, but for most people, the first requirement is to be proposed by a Member of the Court, and be seconded by another member of the Court, or a Liveryman of at least 5 years standing.

We have a wide spread of talented and experienced professionals in the Company, which we believe is important for the Company's wellbeing, but it's fair to say many members are connected in some way to the building industry, or work in or near The City. Indeed your professional talent may well be of particular interest to the Company, and many members enjoy assisting the Company on various financial, training, communications, social committees or our charities.

For all the reasons mentioned above, we should make it clear that there is a financial commitment to membership. Obviously there are costs involved in running the Company which need to be covered. On joining, a 'fine' will be paid, which varies depending on the classification of membership applied for, and thereafter an annual quarterage charge required to cover running costs. In addition you are expected to support of the Company’s charities.

Entry for Yeomen is less formal. They will generally be or have been stonemasonry apprentices. They will be recommended by Liverymen who are active in the industry and/or the Company’s training support.

If you would like to take your interest further either contact the Clerk or if you were introduced by a member then ask that member.