Membership & Fellowship  

Membership of the company is limited to a maximum of 175 liverymen although there is no limit for freemen. They would normally have a connection to stonemasonry, the City of London or the construction industry.
Given the relatively small size of the company, the possibilities of fully participating in the fellowship of the company is enhanced.   

Liverymen enjoy the privileges of Freemen and are also able to:
 • Attend Common Hall in June each year to elect the new Master and Wardens and to stay to luncheon at no charge, if space allows.
 • Attend the Annual Livery Dinner in November where Liverymen customarily entertain guests other than their spouses.
 • Receive an invitation, normally once every two years, to attend a Court luncheon.
Liverymen and Freemen are able to:
 • Attend the Master’s Banquet at Mansion House where members customarily entertain their spouses and other guests.  This is normally held in February or March.
 • Attend the United Guilds Service in St. Paul’s Cathedral in March/April and to attend the luncheon thereafter at cost.  

In addition, there is an active social programme arranged more informally which allows all members to visit behind the scenes at many historical institutions.
If you are interested in becoming a Liveryman or Freeman see page on Becoming a Member.