Future Aims  

The longevity of the livery companies in the City of London gives us an interesting history, but it is future ambition that is important. 

A summary of our future aims are:

To be highly respected for our support for the Craft of Stonemasonry and the use of natural stone in England. To achieve this through the Duke of Gloucester Awards, including the Gold Medal for Stonemasonry, other awards for excellence, Master Craft certificates, and donations aligned with our objectives either directly or through our registered charities, not least to support training and education.

To support the Mayoralty of the City of London by engaging with the City Civic, aiming to recruit new liverymen, and develop selected liverymen from the Masons’ Company with potential to become elected as Common Councilmen and high office within the Corporation.

To play a leading part in the Livery Movement with social and charitable endeavours, including association with other guilds and institutions within the City and beyond.

To promote our objectives to the general public thereby influencing the society in which we live to encourage the use of natural stone in the built environment.