Construction Livery Group  

The Company is a full member of the Construction Liveries Group (CLG) together with 24 other Livery Companies allied to the Construction Industry.

CLG is formed with Livery Craft Skills Council (LCSC) and works closely with The Construction Youth Trust and The City & Guilds.

The Construction Liveries Group is developing further the Master Certificates Scheme, introduced in 2001 by a partnership of City & Guilds, Livery Companies and Professional Bodies.  Pioneered by the Plumbers Company, over 200 Master Certificates have now been awarded and it was felt that the pathway to “Mastery” of a career founded on a specific skill required attention.  Thus, two preliminary landmarks are being introduced to encourage those who embark on a route to skilled employment to complete the journey.

The first of these is the Apprentice Certificate.  This is an award for people who qualify by study, training assessment or examination at NVQ Level 2 and thereby also obtain necessary work experience. 

The next step is to reach the Journeyman point on the career pathway.  At this position the skill traveller has achieved success at NVQ Level 3.  This will demonstrate an active interest in upholding professional standards and a pledge to continue with career development until ready to apply for the Master Certificate.