Charitable Work  

The raison d’etre of most City Livery Companies is now for charitable purposes and the Masons’ Livery Company is no exception.

The main activities of the Company are directed towards furthering the craft of stonemasonry and the support of more general charities and to this end the Company administers two registered charities.

 The Craft Fund provides support for apprentices and trainees in the craft of


The Charitable Trust provides support to charitable causes connected with the City of London and to national stone related projects and activities. Particular emphasis is placed on those that will help fulfil its educational strategy for young people.

The Company also supports The Associated Companies’ joint-venture charitable scheme.

In recent years the Company has helped with the restoration or provision of a number of stone objects in our Charter Area of the Cities of London and Westminster. These include:

   the restoration of the Albert Memorial in 1988

   a stone bench in Guildhall Yard donated in 1989 to mark the 800th  anniversary of the Mayoralty

   a stone tablet in St Paul's Cathedral in 2000 to commemorate the Surveyors of the Fabric of the Cathedral

   the return of Temple Bar to the City of London in 2004


As support to our work we have recruited a select list of Charity Support Partners who have agreed to donate a proportion of the fees they generate to both our Trusts when their services are utilised by our members.


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